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Application for a candidate to trainings „Address of Human Rights – Journalism“

Experience: Describe your working experience within media: where do you work/have worked or collaborated, on which topics (social, economics, finance, etc.)? You can also share the links to your journalistic works here.
Experience: Here you can upload your articles on social or other topics. They will help us to get to know to your writing skills: your style, structure, originality, abilities to express yourself on paper.
Motivation: Explain why you choose to participate and take a challenge of „Address of Human Rights – Journalism“

Conditions of participating

The training courses of „Address of Human Rights – Journalism“ will take place on the following dates:

  • 16 - 22 May 2013 (arrival on 16th of May, departure on 22nd of May)

We inform you that when you submit your application you confirm that:

  • You are 19 -29 years old;
  • You can easily communicate and express yourself in English;
  • You admit that the biggest challenges and achievements in education process are the activities you carry out after the training courses with your colleagues (journalistic investigations). You are ready to profit from this chance and work together with experts;
  • You can undertake the responsibility to implement a journalistic investigation with your team.

Participants that do not comply with the participants conditions indicated in the agreement (which will be signed after selection process) will have to pay back trainings expences to the organisers.

I confirm that I am familiar with all the participation conditions and agree to obey them.

I would like to implement the journalistic investigation invoking:
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